Hardware Stats
Usage: 15.7%
Load Average: 1.73, 2.00, 1.98
Avalible: 45GB
Used: 16GB
Total: 62GB
Free: 1.0GB
Used: 3.9MB
Total: 1.0GB
Free: 12GB
Used: 6.5GB
Total: 20GB
Download: 6.4GB
Upload: 3.5GB
Total: 9.9GB
Overall Stats
Total Servers 3401 3239 Unowned WADs
Running Servers 37 Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers Deleted WADs
Successfull Servers 3198 47199 WAD Downloads
Errored Servers 203 6894 Total WADs
Default Server Limit 3 191 Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit 30 611 Banned IPs
Global Server Limit 100 25 Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU 25.2% Zdoomwars3.1f_2 fast mana 10671
Memory 1306.1MB (2.0%) Zdoomwars3.1f_2 fast mana 10671
Uptime 14d 14h 36m 34s Alien Vendetta RGA2 10681
LastActivity 1d 13h 16m 43s hell vs marine 10670
Servers with lowest stats