Hardware Stats
Usage: 13.8%
Load: 2.27, 2.09, 2.03
Free: 40.67GB
Used: 21.47GB
Total: 62.85GB
Free: 1.00GB
Used: 0.00B
Total: 1.00GB
Mount: /
Free: 10.19GB
Used: 7.91GB
Total: 19.10GB
Mount: /home
Free: 145.35GB
Used: 226.50GB
Total: 391.78GB
Interface: eth0
Sent: 1.05TB
Received: 96.49GB
Total: 1.14TB
Overall Stats
Total Servers 7087 3709 Unowned WADs
Running Servers 42 Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers 2 Deleted WADs
Successful Servers 6637 78534 WAD Downloads
Errored Servers 450 8748 Total WADs
Default Server Limit 3 236 Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit 30 875 Banned IPs
Global Server Limit 100 52 Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
Servers with lowest stats
CPU 1.3% Dragonfly's ProgDuel Tournament 10704
Memory 34.9MB (0.1%) Courtyard AlphaBeta 10706
Uptime 0d 17h 00m 26s DoomWare (Minigames) 10674
LastActivity 0d 0h 00m 59s Complex AV [LCA/DJB/DUST/RM/Item Craft] 10707