Hardware Stats
Usage: 10.4%
Load Average: 1.24, 1.57, 1.62
Avalible: 43GB
Used: 17GB
Total: 62GB
Free: 65MB
Used: 956MB
Total: 1.0GB
Free: 12GB
Used: 6.5GB
Total: 20GB
Download: 236.3GB
Upload: 2.1TB
Total: 2.3TB
Overall Stats
Total Servers8183002Unowned WADs
Running Servers200Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers30Deleted WADs
Successfull Servers73912757WAD Downloads
Errored Servers795320Total WADs
Default Server Limit3154Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit30349Banned IPs
Global Server Limit10010Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU8.4% ZDW / ZDoom Wars / Fast Mana / 4-Teams10673
Memory5052.4MB (7.9%) ZDWars - Custom Factions LMS (7Smoke)10679
Uptime101d 18h 47m 50s Bagels on drugs10667
LastActivity53d 20h 50m 15s Bagels on drugs10667
Servers with lowest stats
CPU1.8% Dooting Dooters Psychic10666
Memory18.0MB (0.0%) 3.1test10669
Uptime0d 4h 40m 09s brutalneo10683
LastActivity0d 0h 09m 44s ZDW / ZDoom Wars / Fast Mana / 4-Teams10673