Hardware Stats
Usage: 16.3%
Load: 1.69, 1.40, 1.37
Free: 36.43GB
Used: 25.36GB
Total: 62.85GB
Free: 905.12MB
Used: 116.87MB
Total: 1.00GB
Mount: /
Free: 11.39GB
Used: 6.72GB
Total: 19.10GB
Mount: /home
Free: 37.33GB
Used: 334.53GB
Total: 391.78GB
Interface: eth0
Sent: 13.48TB
Received: 1.01TB
Total: 14.49TB
Overall Stats
Total Servers 5978 3573 Unowned WADs
Running Servers 43 Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers 2 Deleted WADs
Successful Servers 5568 69375 WAD Downloads
Errored Servers 410 8201 Total WADs
Default Server Limit 3 214 Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit 30 783 Banned IPs
Global Server Limit 100 48 Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
Servers with lowest stats
CPU 1.2% Wolf3D Spear Revisited 10679
Memory 42.9MB (0.1%) dogeball 10683
Uptime 0d 2h 55m 57s Complex Doom Combined MOP LCA 10690
LastActivity 0d 0h 00m 13s Complex Doom Combined MOP LCA 10690